Glizzy Royale is a Pay-And-Earn 3rd person shooter Battle Royale game featuring our genetically enhanced hot dogs. We are on a mission to create the premier battle royale experience on Solana with exciting gameplay, a dynamic player-driven economy, and an emphasis on fun over profit.


Use $GLIZZY to mint NFT weapons and NFT weapon skins

Use $GLIZZY to enter tournaments to win $SOL, NFT weapons, and rare NFT weapon skins



  • Exclusive NFT airdrops (weapons)
  • Ability to stake for $GLIZZY
  • Increased in-game rewards
  • Ability to use NFT as your in-game character
  • Access to private beta tests



Collection Size


Fusion Combos


Unique Traits

Systems Explained


The Fusion Chamber

Put two of your Glizzies into the fusion chamber and your jaw will drop as you see what comes out. Our fusion system involves fusing two NFTs together in return for a completely new one. Fusing will be easy and rewarding:

  • Connect your Phantom Wallet to our website
  • Select two NFTs to offer for fusion
  • Your NFTs are sent to the burn wallet
  • You receive a new NFT from the fusion wallet

Fusion is like minting again, but with much better odds. Your newly minted Glizzy will have significantly higher odds of having rare, super rare, and mythic rare traits. Every fusion has a roughly 1% chance to create a completely new trait not attainable through minting. 

There are three fusion pools, each with better odds of receiving incredibly rare traits. Your ability to access each pool depends on the rarity of the two NFTs you are offering for fusion. For example, two NFTs with all common traits will put you in pool 1 while two NFTs with at least one super rare trait will put you in pool 3.

At launch, fusion will be limited to NFTs with a common / uncommon rarity. Rarity is always determined by your rarest trait. For example, if you have a single rare trait, then your NFT is categorized as a “rare” with a unique metadata tag.

Learn more about Fusion here:


Glizzy Staking

Staking your NFT will passively earn you $GLIZZY, the utility token for our 1v1 Arena Mode and our upcoming P2E Battle Royale (Glizzy Royale).

The amount of $GLIZZY you earn will depend on:

  • The rarity of your NFT

Daily Yields:

  • Common/Uncommon: 1 $GLIZZY/day
  • Rare: 2.5 $GLIZZY/day
  • Super Rare: 2.75 $GLIZZY/day
  • Mythic Rare: 3 $GLIZZY/day
  • Fusion Rare: 3.25 $GLIZZY/day

$GLIZZY will have many uses cases:

  • Wager $GLIZZY in the 1v1 Arena
  • Use $GLIZZY to mint NFT weapons & weapon skins
  • Use $GLIZZY to enter tournaments with $SOL prizes

Learn more about staking here:



At Launch

NFT Fusion - The Fusion Chamber Opens

Our novel fusion mechanic goes live. All the core fusion combinations are now available

At Launch

Arena Season 0

We are integrating the web 2.0 version of the 1v1s Arena with our discord, which will allow us to keep track of everyone's kills and victories. There will be a $SOL prize pool for holders who place highly on the leaderboards.

7 days Post-Mint

Charity Donation

We will donate to, an organization that help build wells in Africa that provide clean drinking water for thousands of water-insecure adults and children

7 days Post-Mint

Staking 1.0

You can now stake your Glizzy to passively earn the $GLIZZY token

1 month Post-Mint

Mint NFT Weapons with $GLIZZY

Holders will have priority access to mint NFT weapons and weapon skins with the $GLIZZY token

1 month Post-Mint

Arena Season 1

Our Arena mode with web 3.0 integration is live. Players will now be able to:

  • Wager $GLIZZY in 1v1 matches in the Arena
  • Mint NFT weapons & weapon skins using $GLIZZY
  • Enter daily tournaments with large $SOL prize pools using $GLIZZY
2 months Post-Mint

Arena Season 2

Season 2 of our Arena begins with the following additions:

  • Unique abilities tied to mint-able NFT-based mech buns. Some ideas include jetpack-like flying and cooldown-based rocket jumps
  • Introduction of a 4-player mini battle royale and/or a 2v2s mode
  • A brand-new map balanced around new abilities and game modes


What is the Glorious Glizzy Alliance? What is Glizzy Royale?

The Glorious Glizzy Alliance is an army of genetically enhanced created through an accident that took place in a secret laboratory that was running experiments to create an army of super soldiers. The genesis collection will provide a range of benefits tied to our upcoming battle royale, Glizzy Royale. Some benefits include staking for our $GLIZZY token, increased in-game rewards, exclusive NFT weapon airdrops and the ability to use your exact NFT character in-game.You can learn more about Glizzy Royale through our gitbook link which is located on the top navigation bar of the website.

How can I mint one of the Genesis NFTs?

We are minting on Magic Eden Launchpad on April 25th. There will be a large whitelist sale with a guaranteed public sale commencing shortly after. Please join our discord for the latest news on our launch.

Where will the mint take place?

We are minting on Magic Eden Launchpad.

Is the team doxxed? Does the team plan to be public?

The team is fully doxxed to Magic Eden. Some of our team is also publicly doxxed. You’ll see our co-founder’s LinkedIn profile on our Magic Eden Launchpad page.

Will you need one of the Genesis NFTs to play the game?

No. A core pillar of our game is accessibility. We want as many people as possible to play Glizzy Royale. 

How will staking work exactly?

Stakers will accumulate $GLIZZY in exchange for locking up their NFTs through our staking protocol which will go live one-week post-mint. Staking rewards are weighted based on rarity (see "NFT Staking System" section to learn more).

Is there a risk or downside with fusion?

The answer to this question depends on what your goal is with fusion. You can read more about the fusion process in the "NFT Fusion System" section. Fusing two NFTs together gives you incredible odds to get rarer traits. Every fusion has a 1% chance to create a new trait that is only attainable through fusion. Stakers will benefit from this system as NFTs with higher rarity traits will provide massive multipliers on daily yields.

Meet The Team


Founder, Marketing Lead, Creative Director


Founder, Operations Lead & Community Manager


Founder, Developer, QA Testing

Toska Space

Head Artist & 3D Modeler


Full Stack Game Developer


Chief Blockchain Developer


Blockchain Developer


3D Animator & VFX Artist


Technical Artist & 3D Environment Artist

JS Baidwan

Web Developer


Community Manager


Community Manager

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